First 30

Are you SO pumped!? Nervous? Excited? Don’t worry! I am going to arm you with the tools you need to rock your BADASS health and fitness biz; a business that YOU get to design around YOUR life!

Be prepared. You are going to fall in LOVE with this business.

I am so excited to help you get started strong growing an incredible business you can be proud of! We are going to talk about what to do in your

  • first 30 minutes
  • first 30 hours
  • first 30 days

It is my honor to help you start a strong business with a strong foundation!


Hopefully, you received an email from Team Beachbody welcoming you to this incredible opportunity with a link to what you can do in your first 30 minutes as a New Coach!

Check it out again here!
*Be sure you’re signed into your Coach Online Office before proceeding.

Take Action!

  1. Watch the video and complete the tasks outlined within
  2. Text me at (651)262-7295 to schedule your Getting Started Right call!


Before our scheduled call, there two quick and extremely helpful worksheets for you to complete. One is designed to help you start becoming familiar with where to find helpful tools and resources. The other is to help you devise a plan.

If you get stuck on anything or would like more guidance, highlight that question and move on. I’ll help you tackle it on our call!


Take Action before our call!

  1. Complete or Begin the Business Quick Start Guide
  2. Complete or Begin  the Coach Action Plan


You are on your way! Our first call is scheduled and hopefully, you are starting to feel all of the support you truly have on this incredible journey.

Take a look at the Coach Basics Participation Guide to get an idea of what we will be learning about over the course of your New Coach Training!


Take Action!

  1. Read through the Coach Basics Participation Guide
  2. Begin Practicing the Four Vital Behaviors Daily
  3. Designate a notebook to utilize for your New Coach Training, questions for your sponsor, and ideas for your new business.

Let’s Do This!