Coaches Start Here!


Here’s the deal. Whether you are looking to build a LEGACY to leave to your kiddos or you want a little side hustle to help pay for sports and vacays and groceries, this business can fit YOU, okay?

You are never alone in this journey. You have this STAR DIAMOND TEAM at your side and this family of amazing coaches in your corner. We all began from right where you are today. I promise, we had and ASKED billions of questions. You are not alone! Fear, doubt, confusion, questions-galore, overwhelm … it’s all normal and we are here for each other!

So check it out …

We aregoing to take you step-by-step through the things you need to know NOW to get started strong. Sound good? Do you wanna sprint towards making this BIG? You just found your running buddy. Do you wanna dip your toe in and see how it feels? Cool! 

You sprint, we sprint.
You run, we run.
You walk, we walk.

Either way, we are going to get you out of that stale, old comfort zone that’s long overdue to be burst, okay? (Yes, I know … yikes!)

Action Steps to complete in the next 48 Hours

  1. Print off your NEW COACH CHECKLIST
  2. Take a peek at the following section in our simple New Coach Training here
  3. Set up a Getting-Started-Right call with your coach!

And hey … badass. One last thing before we really get this party started!!

I want you to know that YOU are CAPABLE of anything you set your heart on, girl. You are enough JUST as you are today.

You can achieve GREATNESS and I am excited to help you realize how LIMITLESS your potential is. We encourage you to DREAM as BIG as the sky!

With this opportunity ANYTHING is possible with a little hard work, dedication, consistency, and most importantly PASSION!!!! Congratulations on making the decision to make this world a better place!

Jenni + Angie