Challenge Groups

Challenge Groups are the bread and butter of our business!
This is where we help our customers find success, help our new coaches learn the business, and where we get to keep ourselves accountable to our own personal wellness goals, too!

Here on Team Key United, you never have to feel “out there” on your own. You have the freedom to plug in with the team, or if you’re feeling brave, spread your wings and run your own groups! The choice is up to you!

We are here to support one other in this journey towards better health and thriving businesses!

1. Team Challenge Group Option

Each month, Angie and Jenni host a team-wide challenge group in a private group on Facebook made up of their personal customers, TKU coaches, and the challengers YOU bring on and wish to add.

TKU coaches may have the opportunity to help lead this group, but as a coach adding your own customers, your only responsibility is setting them up with the tools they need to succeed and supporting them along the way.

We will share in our Team Facebook Group when upcoming Challenges are beginning so you can focus on inviting your tribe.

Requirements to add challengers to the Team Challenge Group

  1. You must have and maintain an “active” coach status.
  2. Your challengers must begin with a Challenge Group purchase to ensure they have the tools they need to succeed.

That’s it! So get inviting, because we have a new group starting soon!


2. Running Your Own Challenge Groups

You can opt to run your challenge groups via the Challenge Tracker App (FAQ 1360) or via private Facebook Groups. It is completely up to you how you want to run your challenge group – this is YOUR business, after all. You are the CEO and you get to call the shots!

Beachbody has provided Challenge Group Guides specific to each program offered on Beachbody On Demand, as well as guides for groups where your customers may be doing various programs. Use these as a template to get started, make them your own with a little flavor, and watch you and your challengers CRUSH your goals!

Feel free to post in our Team Facebook Group if you’re looking for a buddy to co-run a group with if you’d like to share the load!